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The Tubguy

Fiberglass Repair And Refinishing


The Tubguy Can Take Your Old Dingy Worn Out Fiberglass Bathtub, One-piece kit Or Shower stall AndMake It bright And clean again.

Weather your looking to get fiberglass repair in Pittsburgh,Pa or fiberglass refinishing in Cleveland,Oh The Tubguy can help.

maybe you want to change that awful green or blue to white and modern. Call The Tubguy today our expertise in Fiberglass repair and refinishing will leave you bathroom feeling new again.We take the time to Prep your surface right no corner cutting.With our proven method of using quality products and eye for detail your fiberglass surface will be looking good for years to come.


Fiberglass Repair Refinishing Process

The Fiberglass is first: deep cleaned to get rid of dirt debris and soap scum second:It is De-Glossed to ensure a proper bonding surface.Third:Everything is masked off with paper and tape and everything is drop clothed to protect it from dust.Fourth:A lead blocking primer is applied.Fifth:2 coats of topcoat are applied. And Finally Everything is cleaned up and your fixture is ready to be put back in use the next day!!!

Ask about our Tile Refinishing in Pittsburgh,Pa Akron,Oh Cleveland,Oh Canton,Oh And Youngstown,Oh


Here’s an Example Of how the Tubguy can change the color of your one-piece fiberglass kit.

Call Today for Fiberglass Repair And Refinishing So you can live with a nice clean bright bathroom like you’ve dreamed of without the mess and expense of a complete remodel. 

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